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Which Golf Balls Are Best For Women?

Golf course | woman } golf balls


Image from Pexels By Mikhail Nilov


Now, when it comes to golf balls, it’s not just about the looks (although, who can resist a cute design?). It’s about finding the right ball that matches your swing, style, and goals on the course. And trust me, there’s a golf ball for every kind of player out there.


Choosing the right golf ball is like finding the perfect pair of shoes—they should match your style, feel comfortable, and give you the confidence to conquer the course. So, take some time to experiment with different golf balls, see how they perform, and find the one that brings out the golfing superstar in you.


Check out our selection of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds, which can help you maximize your potential on the course. Whether you go for the trusted two-piece balls, the premium performers, or the swing-speed savers, know that there’s a golf ball out there waiting to be your perfect match.


P.S. I once tried a fancy, high-performance golf ball and let me tell you, my game went from newbie to “did she just become a golfing prodigy?” It was like my own personal Cinderella story on the fairway! So don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works for you. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself—and everyone else on the course.


How do I choose the right Golf Balls for me? 


Let’s start with the basics. Golf balls are made up of a core and a cover, but did you know that they can consist of different layers? That’s where the terms “one-piece,” “two-piece,” “three-piece,” and so on come in. These layers affect the ball’s performance, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for.


For many women golfers, a two-piece ball is often the ideal choice. Why, you ask? Well, these balls strike the perfect balance between distance, spin, and feel. It’s like having a triple threat on the golf course!


Two-piece balls have a solid rubber core that gives you that satisfying pop off the clubface and a durable cover that can handle a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Plus, they’re designed to maximize distance, so you can give those shots some serious hang time. It’s like watching your golf ball soar through the air with grace and attitude.


But if you’re a serious player with some great skills, consider investing in premium golf balls. These multi-layered wonders are crafted with high-performance materials to give you exceptional control and spin around the greens. It’s like having a magic wand in your golf bag!


Is there a difference in women’s Golf Balls?


Absolutely! When it comes to golf balls for women, they’re designed with softer cores to help us achieve those impressive distances. See, on average, we might have slower swing speeds and less upper body strength compared to the guys. But fear not! Because of its softer core, a low-compression golf ball can better handle the lower swing speeds you might experience at first. That will make each shot travel farther than it would with an ordinary ball—so great balls just might help you finally break 100!



  1. TaylorMade Soft Response



  • Amazingly soft feel
  • Incredible response and feedback from each club face
  • Outstanding performance on the greens
  • Excellent value for the money      



  • Might not be the best fit for golfers with quicker swings, as they’re more suitable for slower or moderate swing speeds.


The TaylorMade Soft Response is a great option for ladies of all abilities who are looking for a golf ball that delivers impressive performance from the tee to the green. Its soft 50 compression makes it an ideal fit for the majority of female golfers. Plus, it has some of the same technology found in the more premium TaylorMade Tour Response model, but at a more affordable price point. The Soft Response is a three-piece ball that won’t break the bank, but still offers fantastic long game performance, greenside spin, and control.


    1. Callaway Reva



  • Slightly bigger than the typical ball, which gives confidence  
  • Simple to use and tolerant of errors



  • Players that possess superior swing speeds will not experience the advantages in terms of carry and distance.

The Callaway Reva is the perfect golf ball for beginner players. It’s designed specifically for women with its construction, material, and performance attributes. This golf ball is a two-piece design, consisting of a core and a cover for optimal performance. The cover is made of a tri-blend ionomer, specifically tailored for women players. With a compression of 30, this golf ball offers a soft feel that’s easy to handle. You’ll experience a higher launch, maximum distance, and low spin, all while enjoying a soft feel and forgiving performance. Just keep in mind that the ball tends to roll quite a bit, so adjust your shots accordingly. 


    1. TaylorMade Kalea



  • Reduced compression will enable longer and slower swings, increasing ball velocity and range.
  • Available in matte purple, peach or striking white.


  • Medium to rapid swing rates are unable to reap the full benefits of the design.

The Taylormade Kalea golf ball is designed specifically for ladies and those who have a slower swing speed. But here’s the cool part—it’s not just for ladies. It’s also great for seniors and junior players who fall on the slower end of the swing spectrum. So, if you fit into any of these categories, you might want to check out the Kalea. If you swing a golf club slowly, you need a ball with more compression, and that’s where the Kalea stands out with its low 60 compression. It generates more lift for more yards with the High-Energy REACT core maximizing driving distance. The ball also has a soft ionomer cover, providing a soft feel into the greens with excellent greenside spin. With cool colorways to choose from, traditional players can also opt for the white ball. The ionomer cover helps with short game shots and on the putting greens, providing a satisfying sound and roll off the putter head. Plus, these balls are also reasonably priced, which is a great value for your money.


    1. VICE Tour



  • Increases distance to driver shots
  • Excellent control of wedges and irons
  • Consistently sticks to the green



  • Perhaps not the greatest choice for those with slow swing speeds.
  • Can feel hard on iron and wedge shots
  • Only 1 color option


The VICE Tour is a top contender when it comes to golf balls. It offers a great balance of distance, spin, and feel, making it ideal for many women golfers. Designed to maximize performance, it has a 312-dimple pattern on its cover for better wind resistance and a stable flight. With a thin secondary layer to reduce driver spin and increase stability, this ball is a solid choice. Plus, it has an “Energy Speed Core” for durability and spin on iron and wedge shots. Third-party tests and customer reviews confirm that the VICE Tour outperforms competitors in both driving distance and short-game control. While some people mention a hard feel, it’s still a strong option. Give the VICE Tour a try and see how it elevates your game.



    1. Bridgestone Golf e6 Lady Precept Golf Ball



  • Great for beginner players
  • Maximizes distance and reduces spin
  • Inexpensive



  • Players with higher skill levels won’t profit from the ball’s low compression rating.

If you’re a beginner golfer looking for a ball that helps you with distance and control while you work on your swing, the Bridgestone Golf e6 Lady Precept Golf Ball is a perfect match. With a compression rating of 40, it’s super soft and ideal for golfers taking it easy on their swings. This two-piece ball has a soft core that gives you greater control and minimizes vibration upon impact. Plus, the gradational compression between layers turns your slow-but-steady swings into impressive yardage. It’s a design that lets new lady golfers focus on their swing without feeling rushed to hit those long shots.


Players are raving about the Lady Precept, mentioning longer drives and straighter shots on the course. However, intermediate and expert players with faster swings may not experience the same benefits. Nonetheless, it’s a top contender for any female golfer finding her swing rhythm. So, if you’re just starting out and want a ball that delivers distance and control as you improve, the Bridgestone Golf e6 Lady Precept Golf Ball is a winner.


    1. Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Price: $22.99


  • Flexible ball that excels both on the green and off the tee
  • A good choice for players whose swings are slow to moderate
  • A extremely soft feel



  • Performance decreases if you have a quick swing speed


Ladies, we know not everyone is a fan of pink on the golf course. But hey, if you’re gonna rock a pink golf ball, why not make it a good one? Let’s talk about the Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf balls. Don’t worry, they also come in white, in case you’re not feeling the pink vibes. These balls are super versatile and a solid choice for female golfers. Now, forget about colors and focus on performance. The Soft Feel Lady golf balls shine off the tee, giving you impressive distance and consistent ball flights.


And let’s talk about that feel and response—it’s top-notch! The softness of these balls translates into the short game, with impressive spin and control. While Srixon recommends these balls for ladies of all swing speeds, they really shine for those with moderate to slower swings. So, whether you’re a fan of pink or prefer the classic white, the Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf balls are a winner. Get ready to hit those long shots and dominate the short game.


    1. Maxfli Softfli

Price: $24.99


  • Lots of colors you can choose from
  • Incredibly simple to compress
  • Good separation and close dispersion
  • Outstanding performance in a short game


  • Exclusive to the United States

 Let’s talk about the awesome benefits of low-compression golf balls, like the Softfli by Maxfli. This ball has a compression rating of 35, making it one of the lowest compression options out there. Why does that matter? Well, it’s perfect for most golfers, especially those with a swing speed of around 65mph (which is average for many ladies).


The Softfli is a real star on the course. It delivers impressive distance, keeps your shots tightly grouped, and performs great from tee to green. Around the greens, it’s super responsive and easy to control. Plus, it even has a precision putting aid to make those putts a breeze. And guess what? The Softfli comes in a range of colors too. So, not only will it improve your game, but it’ll also match your style. So, grab a Softfli by Maxfli and get ready to level up your golf game. You’ll hit those shots with confidence and conquer the greens. 


    1. Titleist Tour Speed

Price: $37.95


  • Long distance for golfers with quicker swing speeds
  • More penetrating ball flight
  • Delivers a gentle touch from each club
  • Excellent deal for high-grade golf balls



  • Rather deficient in greenside performance

So Titleist doesn’t make specific golf balls for women, but their Tour Speed option is definitely worth considering for those of you with a quick swing speed. It boasts a higher compression rating of 82, delivering quality performance at an affordable price point.


If you’re looking to hit the ball farther off the tee, check out Titleist’s new Tour Speed three-piece golf balls. It’s a great alternative to Titleist’s pricier golf ball options and can really help keep your shots in play (which, let’s face it, we all struggle with at times). Keep in mind that since it has a slightly lower ball flight, it may not be the best choice for every golfer, but it’s definitely worth considering. Just be aware that you may not get as much action around the greens. So, there you have it! The Titleist Tour Speed is a fantastic option for those of you with a quick swing speed looking for quality performance without breaking the bank. 


    1. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Price: $20.50


  • High speed and extended range
  • Practically indestructible


  • None

The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball increases your game’s distance and durability. With a super reactive titanium core and 2-piece construction, it’s perfect for beginners who want to improve their game.


Designed for distance, the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball gives women golfers confidence on the course with its high velocity and long-distance shots. And with low compression for a soft feel and a cut-proof Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover, it’s built to last.


This ball delivers on all fronts, offering durability, high velocity, and a virtually indestructible construction. It’s no surprise that it ranks among the best golf balls for women. If you’re ready to up your golf game, the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is here to help. 


    1. WILSON Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

Price: $40.74


  • Very silky feel
  • Extended range from the tee for a golf ball with minimal compression
  • Outstanding and competitive spin rates



  • Not ideal for players with quicker swing speeds

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls are designed to offer impressive distances off the deck and from the tee, with the added benefit of excellent value for mid-handicap players. They deliver awesome distance with a fantastic feel, although they might not compare to the yardages of top-distance balls.


The low compression Velociticor Core is the secret to their performance, helping players with swing speeds under 95mph to keep spin down and carry their shots even further, leading to straighter shots. These balls are also extremely durable, taking any powerful swings with ease, and performing well overall on the course. With some serious stopping power on chip and pitch shots, these balls offer impressive all-around performance.


If you’re a lady golfer looking for impressive distances, great feel and overall performance, Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls are a great option. Try them out on the course, swing with confidence, and let your game do the talking.


    1. Callaway SuperSoft

Price: $33.50


  • Unisex Design
  • Low Compression Rating
  • Low Spin on Longer Clubs
  • Affordable


  • Players with faster swing speeds may lose distance when the golf ball has less compression.

Callaway’s SuperSoft golf ball has been a top seller for years, with many loyal fans hesitant to see any changes made to its DNA. But Callaway has recently revamped the ball’s cover, core, and dimple pattern to take it to new heights. Working with DOW Chemical, Callaway’s engineers have created a new hybrid cover that delivers fast ball speeds, a soft feel, durability, and excellent greenside spin. The ball’s Soft Compression Core has a rating of just 38, meaning moderate swing speed players will experience higher launch and lower spin for added distance on longer clubs. The HEX Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern improves carry numbers and trajectory, covering the ball’s surface area more fully than traditional circular dimple patterns.


The Callaway SuperSoft golf ball is soft off the face, long, durable, and affordable, making it ideal for both male and female golfers. Consider it for your 2023 season, available in white, yellow, matte red, matte orange, matte green, matte pink, and MAX yellow.


    1. Volvik New VIVID

Price: $34.99


  • Bright colors improve visibility 
  • A variety of colors are available



  • May not be soft enough for those who play slowly or are beginners


The Volvik New VIVID golf ball was created for golfers who need a little help seeing their ball on the course. It comes in bright colors with a patented matte finish, and is available in packs of 12 with assorted or single colors. Customers have noted how easy it is to spot these balls from anywhere.


The ball’s compression rating is 75, which means it has a harder feel on impact and less distance off the tee compared to softer options. Although it’s not specifically designed for women, it’s a unisex ball that can still provide excellent greenside spin and control on the fairway.


    1. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls

Price: $42.99


  • Exceptionally noticeable 360-degree alignment stripe 
  • Compression rating appropriate for low swing speeds
  • Made to have the maximum greenside spin possible



  • Expensive

The TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls are a fantastic choice for female golfers. Not only do they have a helpful alignment stripe for easy putting, but they offer so much more. With a compression rating of 40, these balls are perfect for players with slower swing speeds who still want to achieve impressive distance off the tee. The urethane cover of these balls is designed to provide better control and spin on wedge shots, counteracting the usual loss of spin and accuracy that comes with low compression balls.


When it’s time to putt, the alignment stripe on the ball ensures that your aim stays true and gives you immediate feedback on the roll. Customers have even reported improvements in their putting with these balls. Though some people found the Tour Response a bit pricey, they still found that the benefits outweighed the cost. They experienced longer shots, greater control on the green, and improved precision while putting. Consider giving the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Balls a try for your next round.


    1. Callaway ERC Soft REVA

Price: $39.95


  • Excellent performance for a brief game
  • Remarkably soft golf balls
  • Outstanding alignment and visual assistance
  • Extended range off the tee



  • Not available in basic golf ball form

The Callaway ERC Soft REVA golf ball is designed with female golfers in mind and offers a premium feel on the course. It truly shines around the greens, providing excellent control and high spin rates thanks to its GRIP urethane coating. But the greatness doesn’t stop there – this ball also performs impressively off the tee. I was pleasantly surprised by how far it traveled, even though it’s not specifically made for someone with my swing speed.


This ball has a compression rating of 70, making it ideal for female golfers with moderate to quick swing speeds. However, even if your swing speed isn’t particularly fast, you’ll still appreciate the feel and performance of the ERC Soft REVA. Give it a try and experience the difference it can make.


    1. Bridgestone Tour B RX

Price: $60.31


  •  Outstanding performance in the short game
  • Works well even on windy days.
  • Sturdy


  • Perhaps more difficult for many female golfers to compress

Bridgestone’s Tour B RX ball is the perfect option for women who want both distance and control on greens.


This ball stands out with its unique REACTIV iQ cover technology and 3-piece construction, making it excellent for spin around the greens and energy transfer for longer drives. It even has Dual Dimple technology for a stable ball flight, even in windy conditions.


Endorsed by LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson, this ball is highly rated for its control. It’s specifically designed for swing speeds under 105 mph, so you can get distance without sacrificing impressive spin. While it may feel a bit harder to compress for some golfers, the control and accuracy of the Bridgestone Tour B RX make it well worth it. With a compression rating under 80, a urethane cover, and a 3-piece construction, this ball is ready to elevate your game.


What to look for in women’s golf balls?


When it comes to buying a golf ball that’s perfect for you, there are a few key things to consider. Let’s dive in and discover what you should keep in mind:


  1. Your game style: Are you looking to add more distance to your shots? Or maybe you want better accuracy and feel around the greens? Determine what aspects of your game you want to improve and choose a golf ball that aligns with those goals.
  2. Construction: Golf balls can have different layers, ranging from one-piece to multi-piece designs. For many women golfers, a two-piece ball is often a great choice. It offers a nice blend of distance, spin, and feel. On the other hand, if you’re a more advanced golfer, you might want to explore options with more layers for enhanced performance.
  3. Swing speed: Ladies, our swing speeds might not be as fast as the guys’, and that’s okay! Some golf balls, like the Kalea, are specifically designed to work well for players with slower swing speeds. So if you’re in that category, these balls could be a great fit for you. They can also be a solid choice for seniors or junior players.
  4. Durability: Let’s be honest, we all have those moments where we accidentally send a ball soaring into the woods (oops!). So, considering a golf ball’s durability is important. Look for balls with a reputation for being tough and resilient, so they can withstand a few errant shots without giving up.


Keep these factors in mind when you’re on the hunt for the perfect golf ball, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your game. And remember ladies, don’t hesitate to embrace your unique swing and enjoy the journey on the golf course. Happy golfing!

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