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Revolutionizing Golf Gear Choices: LA GOLF A Game-Changer for Women Golfers

LA Golf | Sportsbox 3D Go Fit Yourself App | Golf App


If you’re a woman golfer, there’s a digital revolution on the horizon that promises to elevate your game. With just your mobile phone and three swings, the ‘LA GOLF Fit Yourself Experience’ may transform how you select your golf equipment.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, LA GOLF and Sportsbox AI are set to change how female golfers choose the perfect shaft for their swings. The Sportsbox 3DGolf app is the magic wand behind this innovation. Its pioneering AI fitting methodology, based on cutting-edge motion science, is poised to make traditional golf gear recommendations look dated.

Reed Dickens, the visionary Founder and CEO of LA GOLF, encapsulates the excitement surrounding this unveiling. “This motion-based fitting is a monumental shift for all golfers,” he remarked, adding that partnering with Jeehae Lee and Sportsbox AI was a forward leap into the future of club fitting.

The old-fashioned ‘guess and check’ method, where golfers depended heavily on a fitting professional’s judgment, is now challenged. Jeehae Lee, the dynamic Co-founder and CEO at Sportsbox AI, states, “Previously, ladies either sought advice from peers or invested in often-pricey fittings. Our new AI tech with LA GOLF provides a Motion-based Fitting Logic, which surpasses manual assessments, and what’s more, it’s available to every woman golfer right on their smartphone – at no cost.”

The results are nothing short of impressive. Women, along with their male counterparts of varying ages, swing speeds, and expertise levels, participated in preliminary testing. The outcome? Those who embraced the LA GOLF driver shaft, proposed by the app, reported an extra average of 9 yards in their drives and achieved a 15-yard reduction in their dispersion.

For those unacquainted with LA GOLF, it’s the audacious golf brand causing waves in the industry. Its boldness and progressive approach, combined with advanced technology, have made LA GOLF’s products sought-after commodities. Reed Dickens, the force behind LA GOLF, was also instrumental in reshaping the baseball gear market with Marucci Sports.

On the other side of this partnership, Sportsbox AI stands out as an avant-garde in sports tech. The company’s commitment to harnessing the potential of AI for sports coaching is evident in its apps. Their offerings, like the Sportsbox 3DGolf and Sportsbox 3D Practice, serve as transformative tools, granting golfers access to 3D motion analysis and real-time feedback.

So, ladies, if you’re keen on refining your swing and improving your game, the ‘LA GOLF Fit Yourself Experience’ might be the game-changer you’ve been awaiting.

Stay tuned to our magazine for more such updates that are reshaping the world of women’s golf. 🏌️‍♀️⛳

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