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Michelle Wie West Joins Forces with Casa Azul: A New Venture Off the Course

Michelle Wie West | Casa Azul Soda Flavoured Tequila | Tequila


Renowned for her power-packed performances on the golf course, Michelle Wie West, the celebrated U.S. Women’s Open Champion, is making waves in the beverage industry. Swinging into a brand-new alliance, Wie West has announced her partnership with the rapidly growing brand, Casa Azul. As this LPGA legend broadens her horizons beyond the greens, this collaboration promises to serve up a blend of sports excellence and beverage innovation.

Casa Azul: Meeting the Thirst for Better Beverages

Casa Azul | Lime Margarita Flavoured Tequila Soda | Tequila Soda
Photo by Casa Azul

Pioneered by beverage mogul Lance Collins, the name behind global hits like Fuze®, CORE Hydration®, and BODYARMOR®, Casa Azul isn’t just another tequila brand. It stands tall, embodying the modern consumer’s demand for healthier and tastier alternatives. Debuting with Casa Azul Tequila Soda in August 2022 and swiftly following with Casa Azul Organic Tequila in March 2023, Collins’ latest venture is setting industry benchmarks.

This strategic alliance with Wie West isn’t merely a celebrity endorsement. It’s a step towards presenting Casa Azul to diverse demographics, including the tight-knit and passionate golf community. “Michelle symbolizes contemporary golf’s zenith. Her unparalleled skill, unwavering commitment, and global impact mirror our brand’s ethos and aspirations,” noted Collins, exuding confidence about this promising partnership.

Michelle Wie West: From Teeing Off to Tequila Time

With five LPGA titles in her kitty, including the esteemed 2014 U.S. Women’s Open, Wie West’s stature in the world of women’s golf is colossal. As fans prepare to bid adieu to her remarkable career at the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach in July, the golfer seems set to delve into a different passion – tequila.

Sharing her enthusiasm about the new venture, Wie West expressed, “Embarking on this fresh journey, it’s heartening to champion endeavors and brands that resonate with me. Casa Azul stands out in the tequila landscape. It’s not just about crafting a drink but about perfecting it without resorting to artificial additives. It’s a taste that’s unparalleled – rich, yet incredibly gentle. As I transition from the 18th green, I’m eager to champion Casa Azul, not just at the clubhouse but far and wide.”

Casa Azul’s Ascending Trajectory

Casa Azul has made 2023 its own. The brand’s commendable growth is evident, with recent accolades like being named the #1 fastest-growing Tequila RTD by Drizly and securing Gold Medals from prestigious bodies like the Beverage Testing Institute and Tasting Panel for its Organic Tequilas.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to expansion and innovation shone brightly with the release of its newest Tequila Soda flavor, Grapefruit, in May 2023. This zestful addition follows on the heels of a special Casa Azul Organic Tequila line launched in collaboration with Mexican actress Eiza González earlier this year.

Michelle Wie West is not the first athletic luminary to recognize Casa Azul’s potential. The brand has been making strategic alliances, as seen with its partnership with two-time NFL champion Travis Kelce in February 2023.

The 19th Hole and Beyond

Casa Azul | Flavoured Tequila Soda | Casa Azul Tequila Flavoured Sodas
Photo by Casa Azul

For many golfers, the “19th hole” – a colloquial term for the clubhouse bar – is a place of camaraderie, where tales of triumphant birdies and agonizing putts are shared over drinks. With Michelle Wie West bringing Casa Azul into this space, golf enthusiasts can expect a refined tequila experience that complements their love for the sport.

In a nutshell, Michelle Wie West’s foray into the world of tequila, in tandem with Casa Azul, is an exciting convergence of sports and spirits. As we anticipate her final professional golfing appearance, fans, and tequila enthusiasts alike can raise a toast to her illustrious career and a promising future off the course.

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