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11 Must-Follow Lifestyle Websites for Women We Can’t Wait to Share!



Have you ever felt misunderstood before? Or even uninspired? Well, you are not alone. We’ve all had those days where waking up from bed is a total drag. I know l have. And it’s ok. You and l have a support system of women who understand us. Every multilayered interest and need we have.

And, with just a click of a button, you can explore and uncover inspirational, motivational, and empowering to get you ready to tackle the day.

Here are 9 lifestyle websites from sports, personal finance to mindful meditation to guide and empower you!

1. Shape: Your Wellness Guide 

Shape website
via Shape

Shape  is not just your average lifestyle website – it’s a one-stop destination for all things women’s health and wellness! From fitness and nutrition to beauty and fashion, Shape has got your back! Each article is packed with valuable advice with a level of excitement that will have you clicking through every piece in no time. Whether you need quality advice on how to revamp your wardrobe or want to know the latest trends in workouts? Look no further, Shape’s got you covered.

And they don’t stop there – they understand that true well-being goes beyond just physical health. That’s why they also provide expert guidance on managing finances and offer mindful meditation techniques to help you find inner peace to get you going. With Shape, you can have it all – a vibrant, healthy body and a calm, focused mind.

Topics covered: health and wellness

Featured article: 9 Running Shoes for Flat Feet, Recommended by Experts

2. The Cut: Your Go-To for News & Politics

The Cut
via The Cut

With an array of thought-provoking articles The Cut is dedicated to keeping you updated about current events and engaging you in meaningful conversations. What started as an online publication focused on style and self has now evolved into a leading resource focusing on an array of topics. While offering an extensive library of articles that cover various topics related to women’s health and wellness, The Cut has taken another step forward. Now, the platform delves knee-deep into politics, culture, and the challenges we face as women. Hence, giving us a front ow seat on current events that affect us. Whether they’re discussing the latest fashion trends or tackling important social issues, The Cut provides a diverse range of vibrant and engaging content that reflects the multi-faceted nature of being a successful woman.

Topics Covered: Style, self, culture, power

Featured Article: 180 Female Execs Launch Time’s Up Advertising

3. Fairmonde Golf 

via Fairmonde

Are you crazy in love with golf or just thinking of starting? Then Fairmonde Golf is the perfect website for you. This platform offers quality and engaging advice on how to level up your game while also giving you access to the latest golfing trends. From tips and tricks on how to swing like a pro and master the art of putting, to choosing functional golf outfits so you can perform at your best – Fairmonde Golf has got it all! Plus, they have a range of articles that are specially designed to help beginners get up and running with their golfing journey. With Fairmonde Golf, you can enhance your skills and become a better golfer in no time.  So, look no further – we’re here to help!

Topics covered: Tips & Tricks, Golf Clinic, Events

Featured article: Women’s Golf Fitness: Exercises and Stretches to Enhance Your Game

4. Salty: Embracing Body Positivity

via Salty
via Salty

Salty is a true game-changer. I know this word has been misused a lot, but when we say it we mean it. And here’s why. As a volunteer-led, independent platform is making waves by amplifying the voices of women, trans individuals, and non-binary people. It fearlessly and unashamedly tackles topics that others may shy away from, such as #MeToo, sex work, and body positivity. With a commitment to inclusivity, community, fun, and respect, Salty is all about celebrating authenticity and encouraging everyone to live their most truthful lives. Because only then can we truly find and appreciate ourselves.

Topics Covered: LGBTQIA+ lifestyle, sex & body, relationships, parenthood

Featured Article: How I Finally Liberated My Black Fat Femme Body

5. The Good Trade: Embracing Ethical & Sustainable Living

The Good Trade
via The Good Trade

Do you get riled up by unsustainable lifestyle choices? If you answered with a passionate yes then The Good Trade is the perfect one-stop destination for you. With a focus on sustainable living, this platform is a treasure trove for a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, self-care, home, and culture. From showcasing fair trade fashion picks to curating inspiring reads from across the internet, The Good Trade will offer you valuable yet easy-to-chew content that will empower you to shape the world we want to live in. And we want to leave it behind for future generations.

Topics Covered: Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, self, home, culture

Featured Article: The 9 Best Meditation & Breathing Apps to Reduce Anxiety

6. Self: Unshamedly Express Who You Are

via Self

Self  is a refreshing, vibrant, and forward-thinking platform that celebrates self-expression and embracing life in all its complexities. With a focus on self-care, Self provides an open space for you and me to explore our identities and learn how to prioritize our mental and physical health. Through inspiring stories and thought-provoking interviews to practical tips and tricks, Self allows us to tap into and explore our potential so we can live our best lives.

Topics Covered: Mental & physical health, wellness, relationships, career

Featured Article: How To Handle Anxiety & Stress In Uncertain Times

7. Career Contessa

Career Contessa
via Career Contessa

Career Contessa is the perfect destination for ambitious modern women. With a wide range of topics, such as career advice, health and wellness, finance, and lifestyle tips, Contessa Career will inspire and guide you on your journey to success. The extensive website library is filled with articles and resources to help elevate your professional and personal life. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or practical advice on how to make it in your career, Career Contessa is sure to have something for you. From networking tips to resume writing, help to goal-setting strategies, Career Contessa has got you covered. 

Topics covered: Career tips, interviews, jobs, coaching & webinars

Featured article: How to Create an ATS Resume

8. Darling Magazine: Inspiring and Empowering

Darling Magazine
via Darling Magazine

Darling Magazine began as a print magazine with a mission to redefine the art of being a woman. With all images untouched and content written to empower readers, Darling has evolved into a multi-faceted resource for inspiration and motivation. Whether you’re seeking insights on culture, relationships, travel, style, or creativity, Darling’s impactful stories from influential women like Meghan Markle, Joanna Gaines, and Rupi Kaur will leave you feeling loved and empowered.

Topics Covered: Culture, relationships, travel, style, creativity

Featured Article: The Habits of Highly Successful Women Condensed in One Infographic

9. Autostraddle: LGBTQ+ Lifestyle Redefined

via Autostraddle

Autostraddle has been transforming the lives of lesbian, bisexual, and queer women, as well as non-binary individuals, for nearly a decade were ostracised by society. As the number one lesbian lifestyle website worldwide, Autostraddle offers a fresh and authentic perspective that makes all women feel valuable and noticed. Each piece of content they publish embodies values such as celebrating diversity, and inclusion, and never being critical or teasing of women’s physical appearances. Because irrespective of our, size,shape, gender, and color we’re all a beautiful force to be reckoned with. Don’t you agree? Plus, with its vibrant online community, meet-ups, merchandise, and getaways, Autostraddle goes beyond being just a website, creating a supportive community wherever they reach.


Topics Covered: Arts & pop culture, sex & dating, community, identities

Featured Article: How Queer and Trans Women Are Healing Each Other After Hurricane Harvey

10. Healthista: Your Go-To for Health and Wellbeing

via Healthista

Do you want to take your health and well-being to the next level? Healthista is the perfect place for you. With articles on nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and more, this platform has something for everyone. Whether you’re trying to find the best tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle or just looking for some advice on how to stay motivated, Healthista has got it all. From diet plans and workout regimens to sleep hygiene and self-care tips – you’ll find it all here. And all the insightful content offered is written by experts who know their stuff! Healthista, will every step of the way to ensure that you receive the knowledge and inspiration necessary to make positive changes in your life!

Topics covered: Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle

Featured article: 8 summer health problems to watch out for and how to prevent them

And here’s our bonus pick for you!

11. Create & Cultivate: Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Create & Cultivate
via Create & Cultivate
Create & Cultivate
via Create & Cultivate

Thinking of being your own boss? Create & Cultivate is here to ensure that that dream of creating and cultivating your own successful career stays alive. By guiding every step of the way, this platform is dedicated to supporting women in their pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. From career advice and insights from women leaders to tips on navigating the digital and tech landscape, Create & Cultivate will provide you with a wealth of resources and host branded conferences and pop-ups, both online and in real life to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality.

Topics Covered: Career advice, women leaders, digital & tech

Featured Article: 3 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets On Building A Smart Brand

There You Have It!

And there you have it! 11 lifestyle websites to offer you a wealth of empowering content that caters to your diverse needs and interests. Whether you’re seeking career advice, wellness information, inspiration, or simply a community that celebrates your identity, these websites have you covered.

You deserve to grow into the best version of yourself.

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